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for Restaurants and Other Food-Service Establishments

The restaurant’s exterior informs the expectations of the business inside. Many customers consider the outdoor appearance of a restaurant when deciding to dine in or not, so a well-kept exterior creates an inviting appearance for the customers. With professional Denver exterior cleaning, you can get 5* reviews!

Front Range Duct and Hood Cleaning offer quality exterior cleaning in Denver. Our services are available for restaurants and other food-service businesses. We get rid of tough stains, grease, and grime. Call us today for a free restaurant exterior cleaning estimate!

Professional Exterior Cleaning Services in Denver, Colorado

Our restaurant exterior cleaning service in Denver, CO focuses on getting rid of dirt and debris buildup, as well as taking care of weathered areas such as patios, path walks, and parking lots.

Initial assessment

We begin our exterior cleaning service with an initial inspection of the restaurant’s outdoor space. Our team will identify the areas that need deep cleaning. These might be areas where the buildup of dirt, stains, and grease is prevalent.

Preparing the area for cleaning

Before we start the exterior cleaning process, we will make sure to remove any obstacles or objects that may get in the way. This will be done with utmost care to prevent damage.

Pressure washing

One of the methods we will use is pressure washing to blast the heavy dirt buildup away. Pressure washing is a great way to eliminate the unsightly moss and lichen off the path walks or walls made with bricks, stucco, or stone. We will wash outdoor seating areas including tables and chairs, and if you have decorative fountains or statues, you can rest assured we will eliminate the dirt and stain from them as well.

Scrubbing with cleaning solutions

Surfaces with tough stains and build-up may require specialized cleaning solutions. We use the best cleaning products to remove stains without leaving scratches or damaging the area.

Cleaning of the awning, walkways, and dumpster pad

Our team will perform quality cleaning for your restaurant’s awning, walkways, and dumpster pad, removing the dirt and odors that are not only a sore eye but also attract pests.

Post-cleaning inspections

Once we are done with the exterior cleaning service, we will perform post-cleaning inspections to ensure we have not missed any areas.

Denver exterior cleaning maintenance plan

To ensure your restaurant is looking fresh and welcoming all the time, we will recommend a suitable maintenance plan, advising you on the practices and frequency of exterior cleaning.

To effectively address issues on your restaurant’s exterior, call us. We are here to provide all restaurants and food-service establishments with the best exterior cleaning. By hiring a reputable Denver restaurant cleaning company, you can stress less about safety hazards, accidents, or improper cleaning methods.

Denver Restaurant Exterior Cleaning Experts

Front Range Duct and Hood Cleaning is a top-rated restaurant and kitchen cleaning company local to Denver, CO with the goal of helping restaurant managers and owners maintain a clean and hygienic establishment. We are determined to perform the best Denver cleaning services. Restaurant owners and managers can rely on us to help them leave a positive, long-lasting first impression on their customers.


Front Range Duct and Hood Cleaning will ensure your restaurant’s exterior is cleaned properly. We have a team of seasoned technicians and specialists ready to implement the best cleaning methods for your business’s exterior. You can expect our team to respect your space and treat it with utmost importance. 


As a trusted exterior cleaning provider in Denver, we strive to help restaurant managers get the cleaning results they need for their customers and their staff. Our expertise in restaurant cleaning includes knowledge of the standards, best practices, and more! 


Front Range Duct and Hood Cleaning is committed to giving unmatched exterior cleaning services. We operate with integrity and transparency and exercise a strong work ethic with a willingness to do what it takes to provide a thoroughly clean restaurant


Do you want to increase efficiency in your restaurant Or want to attract more customers? Consider exterior cleaning done by experts who will improve your restaurant’s curb appeal.


Deep cleaning of the exterior of your Denver restaurant is crucial for safety and health reasons and it must be done by a certified, professionally trained, restaurant cleaning contractor. Get in touch with Front Range Duct and Hood Cleaning today!

Make Your Denver Restaurant’s  Exterior Clean and Safe!

Exterior Cleaning Services In Denver, CO - FRDHCLEANING

At Front Range Duct and Hood Cleaning, we know the importance of creating a welcoming environment for your potential customers. First impressions are vital, so any dirt or debris can turn customers away. Call us today to inquire about our exterior cleaning in Denver, CO.

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