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For rooftop grease system maintenance that keeps the cooking byproducts away, call  Front Range Duct and Hood Cleaning for a professional rooftop grease containment service in Denver.


Our rooftop grease system services help avoid the accumulation of grease from causing health and safety risks. When it comes to serious safety hazards such as rooftop grease fires, act immediately. Proper removal and disposal of rooftop grease will prevent expensive penalties for noncompliance.

Denver Rooftop Grease Containment Services

At Front Range Duct and Hood Cleaning, we are all about keeping restaurants safe. And we fulfill that commitment through comprehensive kitchen equipment cleaning. What our rooftop grease containment services offer is a complete and deep cleaning of the grease containment system.


Residues and grease produced in the kitchen go up to the roof and accumulate in the grease system, posing a threat to health and safety. And when left uncleaned, the buildup can cause expensive, dangerous problems. Here is what you can expect from our Denver rooftop grease containment service:


  • Safe rooftop grease system maintenance starts with pre-cleaning preparations. Front Range Duct and Hood Cleaning will ensure a safe service that involves taking every safety measure to avoid problems or accidents.
  • Complete and detailed cleaning of the grease system unit and other components. Our service offers expert cleaning for all parts including fans and hinges.
  • A streamlined process and effective methods such as using specialized cleaning products. The cleaning products we use will ensure we get rid of the clogs in the rooftop grease system.
  • Perform all kitchen equipment cleaning methods in compliance with all Denver regulations. We will ensure to give the best services for your rooftop grease system while adhering to the laws.


Our rooftop grease containment cleaning in Denver involves several steps to thoroughly clean the rooftop grease system unit, fans, and hinges. We ensure that our cleaning procedures are done by the best professionals and specialists.


Grease buildup is a risk for health and fire hazards. Get in touch with Front Range Duct and Hood Cleaning to discuss the rooftop grease system you need. Talk with our kitchen cleaning specialists and we will take care of the rest!

Benefits of Frequent Rooftop Grease Containment Maintenance


Rooftop grease containment systems are essential for removing smoke and cooking byproducts in order to help commercial kitchens be safer and more efficient. The rooftop grease system prevents the accumulation of grease, thus reducing risks of fire and other safety hazards.


Frequent maintenance, such as deep cleaning, will help increase the efficiency of the rooftop grease system and reduce emergency issues, especially during the restaurant’s peak hours. Ultimately, regular servicing will avoid your business from encountering preventable issues. 


Apart from safety and health reasons, there are other benefits to regular servicing. A clean rooftop grease system contributes to a green environment. That is because the collected grease and oil get properly removed or recycled in a facility, thus helping keep the community stays safer and greener.


Hire a restaurant cleaning company in Denver to provide regular rooftop grease containment cleaning! Having professionals do regular rooftop grease system cleaning will help you comply with codes. Adherence to the standards can avoid expensive penalties, or worse, the closure of your restaurant.

Rooftop Grease System Experts in Denver, Colorado

At Front Range Duct and Hood Cleaning, we aim to deliver the best rooftop grease system maintenance. From our professionals and cleaning specialists, restaurant managers can expect the best cleaning and maintenance results. We take pride in the quality restaurant and kitchen equipment cleaning we offer.


Our team is knowledgeable of the regulations related to rooftop grease systems and understands the requirements and the proper collection and disposal of grease. As a trained and certified restaurant cleaning company, we focus on adhering to the laws to ensure safe and effective rooftop grease system maintenance.


We will identify the potential hazards and perform the necessary cleaning tasks to mitigate all risks, prolonging the lifespan of the rooftop grease system. We understand what every kitchen staff goes through when using dirty kitchen equipment, so it is our mission to provide correct cleaning and maintenance of grease trap systems.


Committed, honest, and striving to go above and beyond expectations. That is who we are.


As a cleaning company in Denver, we are confident about our rooftop grease system service.

Book Your Denver Rooftop Grease System Maintenance With Us

Searching for a reliable Denver rooftop grease containment service? We can help restaurant managers have a safe grease containment system.


Our years of experience providing quality rooftop grease system maintenance in Denver makes us the best partner! You can rest assured we are a professional kitchen cleaning company for your needs. Call Front Range Duct and Hood Cleaning today to schedule a consultation or get a free rooftop grease containment quote.

Rooftop Grease Containment Service in Denver, CO

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