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Regular grease trap cleaning will keep your kitchen safe and running smoothly, so if you are in need of a professional Denver grease trap cleaning service, call Front Range Duct and Hood Cleaning. We will clean and maintain your grease trap and ensure that your business is up-to-code!

Grease trap cleaning is vital and every Denver restaurant owner should ensure it is done properly. Violations or non-compliance with the regulations can result in heavy fines or even the closure of your business. Improve the safety of your kitchen with our Denver grease trap cleaning today!

Bid Adieu to FOG With Our Grease Trap Service in Denver, Colorado

Grease trap cleaning is a must to keep a safe and compliant commercial kitchen. With Front Range Duct and Hood Cleaning, you can have peace of mind knowing your restaurant is grease-free and risk-free! The Denver grease trap service we offer ensures that you will have your kitchen equipment running smoothly.

Inspecting the grease trap:

Our grease trap cleaning service begins with inspection, which involves assessing the level of cleaning that is needed.

Pre-grease trap cleaning measures:

After inspection, our team will conduct our safety protocol to ensure a safe working environment. To prevent causing damage to the kitchen equipment, we will get rid of any visible debris or objects around the work area.

Grease trap pumping:

This is an important step to ensure thick, solid buildups are removed. Collected grease and food debris on the grease trap can cause clogs or blockages later on. That is why it is extremely vital to remove the accumulated debris. 


How often is grease trap pumping necessary? The answer depends on the level of buildup and food debris. Our customers typically hire our kitchen equipment cleaning service every one to three months.

Pressure washing:

Aside from scraping dirt off the interior walls of the grease trap, we will also pressure wash the parts. Once the debris has been removed from the baffles, inlet, and outlet pipes, we will pressure wash all areas of the grease trap to completely remove grease, dirt, and stain.

Grease Trap Cleaning is Vital for Your Restaurant!

As a restaurant manager or owner, you know how important it is to keep a safe establishment, and hiring a grease trap cleaning company is essential to comply with both federal and local regulations and prevent disasters in the future.


One of the benefits of getting a professional grease trap service is avoiding plumbing issues. With a poorly maintained grease trap, fats, oil, and grease can get into the sewer system. Regular service will help keep the integrity of the grease trap and prevent plumbing problems like leaks and burst pipes.


Another important reason to have a grease trap cleaning in Denver is to contribute to the environment. By cleaning the grease trap, you can be sure the collected FOG will be disposed of at a proper facility, thus helping to maintain a greener environment for all. 


Frequent cleaning of the grease trap can reduce hazards and risk of fires. If you want to comply with the laws, significantly reduce hazards, and more, call us! We are ready to provide the best grease trap cleaning solutions to all customers in the Denver, CO area!

Denver, CO Grease Trap Cleaning Experts at Your Service

Front Range Duct and Hood Cleaning has years of experience providing the best Denver grease trap cleaning. Our seasoned professionals perform high-quality grease trap cleaning using the best specialized tools. Our customers trust our services for these reasons:


  • Expertise: Our team of local hood cleaners and technicians has dealt with all kinds of grease traps and we possess the knowledge to ensure proper grease trap cleaning that reduces health risks and regulatory breaches.
  • Easy restaurant grease trap cleaning service transaction: At Front Range Duct and Hood Cleaning, we understand that time is valuable. Our aim is to create a seamless transaction for our customers and to make sure that they can easily reach us to discuss their options or to schedule a grease trap cleaning service.
  • Unmatched results: As a Denver hood cleaning company, we are dedicated to giving our customers the best service and experience from their budget and making sure no buildup or residue is left to cause unnecessary problems in the future.


We understand what restaurant managers or owners expect in terms of kitchen equipment cleaning, so we are constantly updating our cleaning approach to match the needs of our clients.


Trust us to keep your kitchen safe and grease-free through our expert grease trap cleaning. Call us today!

Request a Free Grease Trap Cleaning Quote and Schedule Your Service Today!

Are you running a food service business and need a professional cleaning service for your grease trap? Look no further because Front Range Duct and Hood Cleaning can provide the kitchen equipment cleaning you need. Our team of experts produce top-quality grease trap service results for all customers in Denver!

Here is how you can get our Denver restaurant grease trap cleaning service:

  • Get in touch with us via email or call our office for a quick consultation to discuss your grease trap cleaning needs.
  • Our specialists will send a free quote and schedule the service for a time that best works for your business.

We have a team of expert hood cleaners and staff ready to tailor our grease cleaning services to meet your needs. Call Front Range Duct and Hood Cleaning to ensure your grease trap stays free of grease and plumbing issues.

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